Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Madd Max Heads To Caution! Danger!

The annual Williams 4th of July fiesta.  In the absence of the Findleys and the Leonhardts, onion dip was made in their honor.
Relaxing, pre-adrenaline.
Cuddle time with Mom.
Alex on the phone, acting as Jess' assistant to find out if she gets fed on the plane.  Jess was making a work trip to Seattle the next day and was being flown first class.  This had her incredibly excited and also trying to decide if she should save her appetite for the delights of this new status. 
FYI - this is what was served.  A cold gruel of sorts. She ate it because #firstclass.
The party moves to the front lawn.
Where everyone got into position for the view.
Porch and lawn alike.
Normally - there is an incredible local display.  This held true with the addition of some hipsters sending up paper lanterns that promptly landed in the neighbor's side yard and set a bush on fire.
Turned into a gun,  #TrumpsAmerica

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