Saturday, May 31, 2008

Slappy Has an Enigma

Maddie received this handmade quilt from Liza Mae Chadwick. It is more than just a cool design out of black velvet and canvas - the pattern has meaning. Can you figure it out?
Oscar did in minutes and claimed it as his own - after all, it's all about coordination.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Slappy Discusses Her Dreams

Maddie has gotten considerably more talkative. She particularly enjoys chatting with Taisie about the events of her days, as well as tales of her naps.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Slappy Cheers on Jess' Ol' Home Team

The Pittsburgh Penguins are in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Detroit Red Wings. Tonight was game 3 - the Red Wings were up by 2 games.In place of a terrible towel, a gold and white Lilly was waved for luck.
Tensions were high, as the first period played out - the score at 0 to 0.
Maddie needed some extra comfort and bouncing from Erin to make it through the first period.
But then a goal was scored and the fans were able to relax.
Lilly was even able to focus on another show - almost as fascinating as a dirty diaper.
The Pens continued their momentum, winning the game 3 to 2.
Change Stiller to Pen, and the sentiment is the same.

Slappy Enjoys the Simple Things

Like playing with Taisie and a bell on a ribbon.
Practicing standing with Dad.
Going for a walk with Mom,In a new hat.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Slappy Likes Statistics

Which is why this latest pediatrician's visit was so fascinating to her.

It was on May 22.
Maddie turned 2 months old.
She weighed 9lb. 7oz.
She is in the 45th percentile of height.
She is in the 10th percentile of weight.
And finally her head circumference is in the 25th percentile.
What does it all mean? By next week - our no longer teeny-tiny baby, but rather our beast will be out of newborn diapers and into size 1s.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Slappy Prepares for the Future

By enlisting her good friend, Lilly, for some Dad training.
It began with a tour through the different sections of Babies R Us, while discussing the world through the perspective of a two-year old - Elmo, Mommy and Daddy, and dirty diapers (especially Maddie's) being areas of focus.
And ended with the ability to multi-task, i.e. keep one baby pacified, a two-year-old entertained, and most of the store's merchandise still on it's shelves.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Slappy Knows Some Jet-Setters

On a very blustery day, Maddie and Mom got a visit from two of their favorite people.
We got to enjoy hearing about the preparations for Diane's upcoming nuptials on the beach in Carmel - think white sand, turquoise ocean, Cypress trees, and buttercream. Congratulations!
We chatted about Kathleen's upcoming trip to London - think no sand, tidal river, Kensington gardens, and fish and chips.
We discussed Mom's travels from Hollywood to Whittier to Burbank.

Maddie was terribly sad to see them go.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Slappy Frolics at the Beach

with Taisie, Mom, and Dad.
And by frolic, we, of course, mean sleep.
We then ate lunch at the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, where cousin Spencer (again, not Rachel's baby - Maddie's 1st cousin once removed) will be celebrating the night before his wedding.
The gorgeous beachside dining.
We look forward to next time when the entire Smyth/Kelly clan is here.

Slappy Debuts Her Business/Casual Line

A more refined and subtle onesie, including the "Mac Pointer." All styles produced by Liza Mae Chadwick and designed by Arthur Chadwick.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Slappy Goes Strolling

Burbank is having a heat wave - the temperature hitting 97 degrees at it's high point of the day. Maddie and Mom decided to try something new for their daily walk. Instead of the baby sling, which would be very hot and provides little shade, Dad put together the stroller for it's first ride. Jess was pretty excited, as she heard babies found stroller rides very calming and would often fall asleep during them.
Hmmm - that's odd. Maddie seems to be a little upset. I bet once she has this pacifier and we start moving, things will settle down.
Ok - heading out. Can't turn around - got to get this strolling so Maddie will start to enjoy the ride.

There is a picture missing out of this series, which is the one of Jess and Maddie returning home. Allow me to paint that picture. Jess pushes the stroller with one hand, back onto the lawn of 2101 N. Rose, approximately 45 minutes later. Maddie is asleep on Jess' other shoulder, exhausted from screaming in the stroller, with a light blanket thrown over her entire body, that covers Jess from shoulder to knee. Both are hot and sweaty. The stroller is put back into the garage until Maddie is old enough to sit upright in it (hey - we've heard kids love them when they can sit up in them....).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Slappy Makes Daddy Proud

For 20 minutes, Maddie laid underneath her play gym, happily, not looking at the stuffed animals dangling above her, but rather at the television, watching hockey. Some may say it is because of the high contrast of the white ice and the darker players, but we know it's because it's playoff hockey, and the Pittsburgh Penguins are up 3 games to 0 against the Philadelphia Flyers (3 to 1 after today's game).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Slappy Has Hands

Over the past 2 days, Maddie has just begun to realize that she has hands, and has slowly been bringing them to her mouth to munch on. This evening, Drew taught her how to hold onto a balloon, which she jerked up and down. The jerking was an unintentional, but the grabbing was on purpose, sort of.Aarin came to watch the neurons fire, but then Maddie began to sense something lurking below her.And she was right - there is definitely a Young Findley kicking around in there. (Aarin is 31 weeks pregnant).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Slappy Learns about College

from her Great Uncle Chris and cousin, Sebastian (1st cousin, once removed that is - Rachel's baby did not age that quickly), who has just finished his first year at USC for Computer Science - Games.
"Let me get this straight - Sebastian is required to take a Videogames Lab and a Game Design Workshop, in order to graduate?"
"Yes, young cuz - why do you think I look so happy?"
"Oh, little Maddie - you have so much yet to learn. And so many Sebastian-designed games to play."

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Slappy Has a Happy Mother's Day

with her BFF Maya.
And in accordance with Mother's Day ritual, they both wore their crazy monkey hats. Their moms approved.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Slappy Meets Her BFF

Kearsley, Todd and 10-month old Maya came down from San Francisco for a long weekend visit. Todd uses his finger gun to point out Maddie to Maya.
The two girls get ready for their first meeting. Maddie heads for Maya's lap. Maya wonders if she will have the strength and fortitude to hold her.
Maddie is incredulous that Maya has the ability to support the 8 1/2 lbs. (yeah, that's right) of her beefcake, and the pressure proves to be too much for Maya.
Thank goodness for a walk in the park.
All the pain of the past is forgotten once a swing is brought into the picture.
And by the time they got home, they were Best Friends Forever.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Slappy Wears Her Own Line

Maddie believes that custom onesies are the only way to be seen in LA. The Robot by Erin Hearne.
The Rockstar by Drew Findley.The Sweetheart by Anonymous.
The Zen Master by Eric Allan.

She will be coming out soon with her business/casual line.