Friday, August 11, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Madd Max Have A Last Bloomfield Kender Day

A focused Yu-Gi-Oh game.
Some Marco Polo.
Followed by ice cream.
And cuddling.  What an amazing visit.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Madd Max Hit Hollywood

The plan was to head to Mann's Chinese Theater for a showing of The Emoji Movie. Sadly, in true Hollywood fashion, upon arrival, the theater had been blocked off because of a premiere that evening.
The only benefit proving to be a regular theater that was entirely empty except for the kids, Uncle Ant and Jess.  Here, the kids are dancing at the bottom of the screen as the credits rolled by.
The fam did get to see Godzilla's star on the Walk of Fame on the way out.
Then dinner at Golden Road.
Where different forms of Jenga were played.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Madd Max Hit Sentinel Dome

But first, a stop at Glacier Point to wow Sam since he didn't get to see it the first time.
Almost a decent family photo.
The doesn't-look-like-but-was-really-strenuous hike from Glacier Point to Sentinel Dome.
Budding photographer scoping out his perfect lizard shot.
Selfie success!
How you do after a hike like that. (This was actually Jess' pose being mimicked - the kids did not really need the break).
More success selfies.  I mean, c'mon - that hike and view are insane.
Attempting to be more aerodynamic and also a cool pose - her words.
Uncle Ant, Aunt Tara, Sonia (not pictured) and Clara were the second wave.
The beginning of the hike back to ground level.

Madd Max Loves Cousins

The cousin lower level of the house - 2 single beds and a double.  Perfect for cousin-play and peace upstairs.
Some Apples to Apples - cousin-style.
And when the waiting gets too much - cousin-support.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Madd Max Head To Mirror Lake

But first, lunch at the The Majestic Yosemite Hotel.
Where Maddie was very impressed by the fanciness.  See the piped butter? She was less impressed by the family's dining manners and let them know, which led Sonia to come over to Jess and whisper in an irritated tone, "She's very bossy."
After lunch, a dip for some in Mirror Lake.
How to calm nerves, "Think about ice cream."
Maddie's Heart of Te Fiti.
Jess walked with Clara for some of the afternoon.  Jess also get lost with Clara in the afternoon after heading to the wrong bike rental drop off.  Jess made her steps in the afternoon.
What the fam came home to out on the deck.

Madd Max Heads To Yosemite Valley

The day's water backpacks laid out.
Biking on the valley's paths.
In an effort to maintain honesty, this makes it appear much more idyllic than it was.  Maddie was not very into the idea of a bike ride, and was letting it be known.  Aiden was not into using a kid's size bike, and was letting it be known.  Max was riding in a bike trailer, also not super into a bike ride and was letting it be known. Aunt Tara was walking with a super tired Clara, who was, yes, letting it be known. Uncle Ant had Sonia in a bike trailer, and she was thrilled.

Later, Jess and Uncle Ant had the 4 kids switch places to try to fix the situation.  Maddie was unhappy with letting Max ride her bike.  Aiden hated the bike trailer.  Max fell in a ditch.  Sonia was too little for the kids bike.  Clara remained tired.

In the end, things evened out except for the fact that the bike trailers felt like "riding with a whale attached" to the adults.  Jess would even do it again.
4 kids
To drink
2 parents.
1 view.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Madd Max Hit The Swinging Bridge

Bridge - which the kids insisted did not really swing.
What the bridge went over.
Meanwhile, Sam was flying up from LA in an 8-seat plane ride to Merced, where the pilot suggested that while there was a lavatory, if the passengers could "hold it," they should.

Madd Max Play PokemonGO

As imagined by the 3 of them.  This continued for 6 hours.  No joke.

Madd Max Heads To Glacier and Taft Point

The fam, ready for today's hike.
Clara dairy-loads.
Half Dome as seen from Galcier Point - this picture doesn't do it even a quarter of the justice it deserves.
A lunch break.
Kids hiking the trail.
3 kids climbing the boulders.
Terror-inducing slack-lining at Taft Point.
The reverse.
4 kids victorious.