Sunday, July 31, 2016

Madd Max Arrive in Chocorua

 Where Max and Simon, after a long hug, immediately ran for the barn swing.
Maddie and Gwen separated from the group to go play.
Good times with Monster High.
And each other.

Max continued to try to do everything he remembered loving from last year, running up the hill to collect blueberries.
Not quite enough for a pie.
Next, toad collecting.
The adults watched from the kitchen window.
And the evening ended with Max's final Page birthday celebration, surrounded by the true physical display of the love of his family.
Close love.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Slappy Gets Some Love

Sonia had a 2-part Best Friends necklace and gave Maddie half.  Upon receiving it, Maddie asked if Sonia had a friend she would rather give it to.  Sonia explained that the necklace was about love and that's why she wanted Maddie to have it.
Yeah it is.

Madd Max Have A Last Mimi Dinner

That's quite a spread.
Some last Tio Greg time - all the cousins' favorite.

And a first Settlers of Catan game for Aiden and Max to round out the evening.

Madd Max Head To Hoboken

To visit Valentina.
And Mateo.
As well as have a Jersey pizza lunch.
Play 4-way minecraft.
And take a group photo.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Madd Max Head Into The City

Or rather Jess, Sam and Aunt Tara did, to meet up with Uncle Ant at his work.
But the bigger deal was to visit the World Trade Center Path Station Oculus, which Uncle Ant worked on during his time at Calatrava's design firm. It was awe-inspiring.
Yeah, that one.
We also got to visit the September 11 Memorial, directly next to the Path.
Then Jess broke off to meet up with Francoise and Mateo.
Where they rode the ferry back to Hoboken for a dinner later in the evening.

The Scrapper Holds Hands

With his cuz, on the walk home.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Madd Max Dine With The Grandparents

While Jess dined with Leon at their usual spot in Fort Lee.

Madd Max Head To Breakwater Beach

Formerly the water park known as Water Works.  It was a blast until a storm rolled in closing the park.  (Side note - Dr. Kerry and her fam happened to be here at the same time as well - just like old times again!)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Madd Max Enjoy The Jersey Shore

First, a quick visit with Dr. Kerry and fam.
Then, 4 hours in the ocean for Madd, mostly body surfing.
Which at times proved to be more body tossing around by the waves than actual surfing.
Next, the pier for some rides.
Sonia was thrilled to ride the big coaster with Max after sadly watching the 3 older cousins ride without her.
A first try of funnel cake - all except Madd gave it a thumbs up.
Mini-golf with the entire fam.
And look who was there with hers!
A last meal on the back porch.
And a Kender birthday celebration for the newly 7-year-old.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Madd Max Meet Up With Dr. Kerry

Every year when Jess was in middle and high school, she headed to Lavalette on the Jersey Shore with Dr. Kerry and her family for a week's vacation.
It just happened that this week was Dr. Kerry's week down at Lavalette - 15 min away from the fam's rental house in Point Pleasant.   That meant times like old times.  Above is Dr. Kerry and her brother, Tim.
Below is her adorable nephew, Logan, hanging with Sonia, making sand pizzas.

Madd Max Head To The Pine Barrons

Bus to the Wading River.
Cousins on the bus to the Wading River.
Prepping of the canoes.
Work that metal boat, Mr. Page.
Madd Max get introduced to current.
And they love it as Jess did.
Jess, Tio Greg and Sonia handled one canoe.
Mimi and Dozee followed behind.
Way behind were Maddie and Sam, who enjoyed a very "quiet" ride.
In front were Uncle Ant and Aiden, and Aunt Tara, Uncle Wills and Max.
There was only one canoe that tipped the entire 4 hour journey, but Aiden said that was "his favorite part of the trip." (Side note - Sam had taken over Ant's place at this point.  All flotsam were returned to the canoe, albeit slightly soggy).
At the end of trip - some serious bridge jumping.