Monday, October 31, 2016

Madd Max Has A Happy Halloween

First, decorating your own Halloween cookies with Natalie.
Then, the lighting of the pumpkins.
Followed by, the obligatory group photo.
Witch, Audrey and Genie, Isse.
Emma and Little Red Riding Hood, Mina.
Harry Potter, Jackson (wearing Mimi's cape from Uncle Wills' costume back in the day).
Lucario, Max and Pikachu, Maddie.
Engaging in a Poke battle.
Hitting the town.
And the fruits/candy of their labor.

Madd Max Has A Halloween Parade

Jess made it in time to see them line up.  Taisie was there to celebrate the entire parade.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Scrapper Reviews His Work

Madd Max Enjoy The Rain

With some breakfast in the tent.
And some soggy breakdown of the campsite.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Madd Max Tent-Or-Treats

For the event - a full on, light up, animatronic Nightmare Before Christmas display.
Some tents go all out in the decorating.
This picture does not do justice to the full scope of the event.
The older Boy Scouts attempt to catch our Pokemon.  They also came up behind Maddie and grabbed her, yelling, "We got a Pikachu!!," which she loved.

Madd Max Enjoys Activities

BB guns.
Pumpkin carving.
For the first time, Maddie carved an entire pumpkin (minus the top) by herself.
Her jack-o-lantern.
Max's jack-o-lantern, carved with some help from Sam.
Max went for a dip, even though it was in the mid-60s and that pool was not heated.
Madd spent a good chunk of the day like this.
Just like her Dad.
Occasionally, she also did this.

Madd Max Enjoys A Cool Morning In The Woods

Just a small section of the about 100 tents at the Haunt On.
Some frisbee - learning from last time, Maddie brought her own.
Some football - ball provided by another fam.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Slappy Chills In The Tent

The first night at the Boy Scout Camp Haunt On.
This peaceful scene taken after a not-so-peaceful start where Jess learned: #1 Tents are better set up in the light. #2 Tents are better set up by people who know how to set up a tent.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Madd Max Is Still On TV

 Season 2 of Life in Pieces, which is now designed by one of Jess' talented friends, Samantha Englender, still has Madd Max artwork on the 2 main sets' fridges.  Which is awesome.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Madd Max Get Their Costumes

Total focus as the box from Mimi gets opened.
The joy of a Lucario headpiece (a pokemon) .
The joy of a Pikachu headpiece (another pokemon).
Them some happy kids.
Thanks, Mimi!
Also - please check out those cool tails.

The Scrapper Gets His Green Belt

Most important part of this picture - the very serious face on Max.
Fighting stance
Just a sampling.
Maddie, as a current green belt, was one of the people who helped the blue belts test.  That is her, prone on the mat.
Green belt ceremony.
Max with Stella and his sensei.  And also his mic drop, as his goal was to get his green belt and then retire from the karate circuit.
 A celebratory dinner at A'Float Sushi - Max's choice.
Jess was there to celebrate as well. Nice work!