Sunday, November 29, 2015

Slappy Reads Chapter Books

In the past month or so, Maddie has gotten into reading chapter books, specifically the Rescue Princesses series.  She now reads for fun, usually at night after she's been put to bed (making her parents very proud), as seen here finishing her latest book in the rental house's massage chair.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Madd Max Have A Desert Evening

The view from the kitchen window.
The adults observing the view.
Marshmallows roasting.

Madd Max Hit Joshua Tree National Park

That's some fine hiking.
Back in 2004 - Sam and Jess met Kears and Todd for a weekend in the same place.
That was then.
This is now.
The fam.
And the story and picture that had the kids ROTFL - Sam and Kears stick their fingers in the boulder's butt crack. 
Then (but probably only because we did not find another butt crack boulder now).

Friday, November 27, 2015

Madd Max Hit 29 Palms

 The view from the rental house.
Max, on watch for coyotes after seeing one on the drive in.
A little chess with Maya.
A little Slamwich with Dexter.

Madd Max Head To The Beach

The day after Thanskgiving.
Sam and the 'rents.
The local San Clemente beach - not too shabby.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Madd Max Head To The Liebleins

aka Uncle Wills' in-laws, Aunt Ally's parents, Tom and Grace.
Who invited the fam and Taisie and Toby to San Clemente for their Thanksgiving meal.
The Thanksgiving view.
Even the local park had a killer view.

Madd Max Begins Thanksgiving

With the traditional watching of the parade, which they actually really dig. (Please note, Maddies's shoes, which have a small heel and made her ridiculously pleased).
Standing by their themed cupcakes.
Idea originally from Marissa.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Slappy Fixed It

Sam's tweet regarding this picture:
Kids cracked glass on iPad, told them they couldn't use it until fixed. They drew up replacement & put it on charger
Arthur's response:
Dude. I thought those were still 6 weeks out??? you must have ordered DURING he keynote...

And John's response to Arthur:
heard new iPage may have a flexible display AND be thinner than 2 sheets of paper. I'm psyched, but 1st gen nervous.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Madd Max Has A Fake Thanksgiving Dinner

 Since Maddie would not see her normal crew on Thanksgiving, she decided we should do "A Feast," as she called it, with traditional Thanksgiving foods and her crew.
 The kids table.
 The adults table.
Very quintessential America.

The Scrapper Has A First Best Friend

Back in preschool, Max made a best friend, Evan.  The same Evan whose Mom brought in 2 birthday cakes on Evan's request so Max would have one.  
It's been about a year since they saw each other, but Evan had been asking for a play date.  When his Mom reached out, she told Jess how his first story in 1st grade was "A Friend Came Over" about the time Max came to his house.
When Jess asked Max about a playdate, he got equally as excited about seeing Evan, and hopefully going to his house - that playdate made an impression.  Instead they went to Chuck E Cheese, and the chemistry was still there.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Madd Max Has A Family Meal

Good times with the Kelly clan.

Madd Max Greets Jess

Upon return from the airport with this awesome note.
(Please note, Max has drawn himself crying with joy at Jess' return.  That's right).

Madd Max Will See The Trio On TV

For the perfect last Austin meal, the three headed to one of Aunt Rachel and Uncle David's favorite restaurants, Fonda San Miguel, which was being filmed for a new Food Network show featuring the 5 best Mexican restaurants in the country.  Look for us as featured extras (non-speaking role).

Madd Max Celebrates Francoise's 40th

With a weekend trip to Austin with Francoise and Audris and a rainy architectural tour of Downtown.
The very impressive State Capital Building.
That's how we roll.
The exterior.
A very smart marketing tool written on the side of a restaurant (there were seperate lines for the food and for the pictures in front of the sign), which also made Jess think of Sam.
A very happy 40th birthday celebratory dinner for Francoise.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Madd Max Builds Forts and Read Stories

 The fort.
The story.

Slappy And Her Cuz

Enjoying their favorite activity - dolls in the bunk bed.