Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slappy Likes January

It was an absolutely beautiful day, thanks to the Santa Anas, so we all headed out for a walk and a treat. Maddie has tried ice cream before to neutral reviews. This time however, she was determined to show her future sibling what they were missing.
(The Scrapper is behind Jess' hand - Jess is 15 weeks pregnant).
Don't worry - we realize that before a year, babies should not have too much dairy, however the little bit she got, she loved. Plus, both Mom and Dad were amazed that she could open her mouth that wide, and that she could throw such a fit when the ice cream flow stopped.
That evening we even headed out to meet Auntie Jamie and Jeremy for an outdoor dinner of organic Mexican, forgetting that we do live in a desert, and the nights are not quite as balmy as the days. The quesadillas were still delicous, if brisk.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Slappy Hangs Out On Sunset Blvd

With Jess and Jess' supervision, and to have a delicious lunch of pho. For Maddie, it was more about the bean sprouts and being cool.

Slappy Spins Right Round

Maddie refuses to crawl. She has, however, come up with alternative options to solve her locomotion problem - one is having anyone hold her hands as she walks, and the other is the butt scootch. With the butt scootch, she is able to get herself from the living room all the way into the kitchen, of course, complaining most of the way because it takes so long (ultimate goal - the cat's water dish). Here's a quick peek into how it works - keep in mind, that the butt scootch is used for short and long distances.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slappy Strolls With Intensity

Now that Maddie has turned the corner on walks in her stroller, Mom and her head out daily around the neighborhood, and this is her standard pose. Although she could lean back into her stroller and enjoy a little relaxation, Maddie chooses to grip her cupholder the entire ride so that she can sit straight up, never missing a doggie, leaf, or plane. Although this picture does not show it well - she has about 6 inches between her and her seat back, and let it also be noted, sometimes the walks are about an hour and a half. Her focus when this picture was taken - boys playing basketball.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slappy Likes Small Things and Big Things

One week ago, Maddie decided that it had been way too long since she had had her friends over. Her parents jumped on the party bus, and went and invited all of theirs for a tapas party as well. After all, small things, like many, bite-sized foods, are really the best way to enjoy a meal.
It was difficult to wait for all of the food to arrive.
Luckily, everyone soon arrived, and the older and younger set began to socialize. A bit of a different look from past tapas parties (there weren't quite as many small, plastic things accompanied by small, fast people).
Emma was most amazed by the dessert tapas.ELF enjoyed her schnoolie on mom, Aarin's lap.
Lilly and her little sister (on the inside), enjoyed cupcakes and seeing "Princess" aka mom, Marissa, all dressed up.
Edith, on the inside of Shanna, enjoyed whatever mom was having as well as pokes from dad, Tim.Maddie took her hostess role very seriously, and attempted to run after her guests, who enjoyed running up and down the hall, at regular intervals.
Meanwhile, the adult set, Aarin and Erin, were enjoying cheesy tapas, and Alex waiting on them hand and foot - or in this case, hand.
Sangria and conversation - Steve discussing with Jess, his goal to get the Steelers to the Super Bowl by impregnating his wife.
See above - with the exception that neither John, Arthur, nor Liza Mae were discussing impregnating Steve's wife.
Mind you, there were all sorts of other tapas which were enjoyed by Suzanne, Greg and the rest of us; shrimp po'boys, marshmallow and cheese rounds, wieners wrapped in homemade dough, meatballs, muffins, dips, the list goes on and on, not to mention the desserts; pound cake, fudge, cupcakes, cookies...
The paparazzi may have gotten to some, although Auntie Jamie has realized this is just the way life is these days. Jess is more used to it at brunch time at Paty's.
But luckily, many remained unfazed - Val, Arthur and Tak even seem to accept that all conversation would be documented.
By the end of the evening, there was many a tired and full stomach, as demonstrated by Alison and Brian on the couch.
But there were still cupcakes for Jess' birthday to be had.
And some news to be shared. Anyone notice something posted on the door in the first picture? It looked like a small thing, but really it is a pretty big thing.
It's a picture of the next little Kender-Page, due to make their debut on July 25th! We are so happy and excited to meet you, little one!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Slappy Cheers

For our new president, Barack Obama.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Slappy Goes To Swim Class

ELF and Maddie went to their first swimming lesson today. Lilly, an old pro, was excited to have her friends at her pool party, aka swimming lesson.
The pool is heated, so all the moms were happy. Maddie was interested but cautious at first, until she began to realize the pool is like a giant bath. ELF took in the pool much like she does everything in her world, if Mom likes it and everyone seems happy, it must be a good thing. She was even cool with water being poured over her head. Maddie appeared to have more of a "WTF, Mom" look on her face as we practiced that move. Both Maddie and Lilly enjoyed the run across the raft to Mom game; ELF is just waiting to master that move once she learns how to walk.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slappy Wears Ward

In the final game before the Superbowl, Maddie donned a Hines Ward jersey (John is in Miller), and cheered the Steelers to their win. She also ate a lot of Steve's chili, amid many a "Feeding a baby chili!?!" comment. She, however, loved it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Slappy Strolls

This week, for the first time, Maddie has agreed that the stroller is an acceptable form of transportation. Jess' back is very grateful.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slappy Gets Her First Kiss

The afternoon seemed like every other Steelers watching afternoon. Lots of food, tension in the air, a selection of beers on the porch.
And then it happened. With tongue. Keep in mind, this is only a few seconds of an afternoon full of lovin'.
Tupelo, however, is not one to keep her love to just one baby, even if that baby is wearing a "I Love Wieners" bib. She spread it all around the party. Enough so that ELF's mom was forced to put an end to the very public displays of affection. I mean really, Tup, show a little self restraint.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Slappy Is Back Online

And has a lot to catch up on. Allow her to tell you.
Now, allow us to translate. Maddie was able to see friends Lilly and ELF (and little #2, who is on the inside of Marissa right now, and declined to be photographed) again. She was impressed by Lilly's gorgeous locks, and is hoping to get tips on how to get some herself.
Later, Ellie and her enjoyed some serious parallel play.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Slappy Has The Best Mom Ever

Jess left her camera cord in NJ, and it is heading cross country with various other Christmas goodies. So, instead of Maddie's usual goings-ons, and they are good - here is a little blast from the past, and a tale from yesterday. Maddie was about 1 month old in this photo.

Yesterday, out of desperation, Jess gave Maddie an old pizza box to play with while she tried to get dinner together. Soon, she realized that Maddie had grown rather quiet, and appeared to be munching on things. Those things turned out to be the old, dried leftovers from the inside of the box - think onions, green peppers, maybe a little bit of cheese. Jess cleared up all the major chunks - from the box and Maddie's mouth, but since the pizza box was proving to be such a good distraction, she left it with her and began to work on dinner again. After a bit, she began to hear some squeaking. She looked down to see Maddie running her entire hand along the floor, gathering up all of the pizza box crumbs, bringing her entire hand to her mouth, and licking it. Excellent.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Slappy Returns To La-La

And in true LA form, headed out for some exercise. Those 2 weeks of Taisie's and Mimi's home cooking aren't working themselves off. Thankfully, Auntie Jamie was there for motivation, and got Maddie and Mom off the couch and into the mountains.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Slappy Has A Sad Realization

When she woke up, she was informed we would be heading to JFK to fly back home. The trip was made slightly more palatable by the gigantic bag of homemade sandwiches and desserts from Mimi.
But it would mean that Maddie's quest to find out "What exactly goes on in that mouth?" would have to continue at a later date.
We'll finish this later, Dedo.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Slappy Gets Around

But not first thing in the morning. She stayed at home with Dad while Tanti and Mom headed out for brunch.
Things picked up in the afternoon. Uncle Ant walked her around the living room and all of her bootie. Or maybe she used her bootie to walk around the living room.She stopped by next door, where Mrs. Skarimbas walked her around her house.She headed to the McMahons, where Auntie Kerry walked her over to meet her folks. And Mrs. McMahon swept her off her feet.
Maddie was impressed and slightly dazed by the tales of her mom and Auntie Kerry spending many a summer hour in this very house, watching soap opera after soap opera (and eating saltines and drinking ice tea).
Then she returned back home to hang with the fam one more time. It was a good day.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Slappy Is Impressed By His Skills

And by his, we mean Mateo's. He first demonstrated his drawing talent on his super cool chalkboard painted right onto his bedroom wall.
Maddie and Tanti watched on as he drew boats and the letters "J" and "O."
He did think it wise to call in some backup for the task of drawing Blue and Joe from Blue's Clues.
Then he showed Maddie how to work his piano, while also counting off the numbers in English and Spanish.
But most impressive of all, and perhaps the hardest skill to master, was his sharing of the toybox. After some initial distress which Mommy calmed, Mateo began to take his favorite toys out of the toybox and place them in Maddie's lap. She was overwhelmed, perhaps by the selflessness, perhaps by the sheer volume of new toys.
Then both families headed out to a local restaurant. We were placed in the back room, aka the family room. There Maddie smiled and babbled at a fellow 9-month older, we listened to a 6-week old have a tough night, an additional toddler screamed his thoughts, a Jingle Bells card played on repeat, and we watched the 3 hip 20-somethings without reservations (and therefore in our room) consume possibly more wine than they orgininally had planned.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Slappy Misses The Theatre

And what better way is there to bring in 2009, than to let your parents leave you at home with 1 excellent uncle and 2 excellent grandparents, while they go into the theatre with Uncle Leon.
So, this is the guy who's cutting me out of my cultural education.
Uncle Leon tried to explain that Broadway did not allow children under the age of 5. Maddie cried anyway when we left.
Somehow, we managed to still enjoy the adult conversation, our favorite pre-theatre restaurant, and Boeing-Boeing without her. And besides, when we got home, Uncle Wills had tucked her in better than we had the past 3 nights - it was the first night she didn't wake up with freezing hands.