Monday, November 30, 2009

Madd Max Has A Long Drive

Maddie woke up happy and thrilled to be in NJ, finally besting her illness.
5 hours later, we left. Taisie had driven down from Rhode Island to pick us up for the second leg of our trip. This was Madd Max's first long car ride, and with the help of nap time and the DVD player, we made it the 4 hours with about 2 minutes of crying. The trickiest point was when Max woke up, and needed nursing. As Jess leaned over, hooking him up, a very bored Maddie, repeatedly kicked her in the head.
Upon arrival, all adults enjoyed a nice, big glass of wine.
Followed by a delicious pasta dinner.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Madd Max Has A Good Last Jersey Day

Which began with some after breakfast time in the play room.
Then a stop in at Tanti and Eddie's to see buddies, Mateo and Lucia.Back at home, after nap (or attempt at nap), Aiden and Aunt Tara were waiting.
The Vielot-Gonzalez crew arrived for dinner as well. Mateo was thrilled to get his hands working on those drums under Uncle Wills tutelage.
The baby star was reunited, slightly larger then the last time.
Mimi put together another impressive spread.
Tio Greg provided the after dinner entertainment.
Here you can see he has Mateo, as Maddie begs, "Up, up!"Jess spent some final quality time with her nephew.And despite the odds, a decent family photo was snapped.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Madd Max Spends Time With Their Possible Betroheds

During a visit down to Tanti and Eddie's.
Miss Lucia smiled happily at the visitors, and her Papi.
Mateo and Maddie found that besides sticks, they share a common love for the swings (a love that even got our grumpy and still stuffy girl out of her funk).
The younger crowd watched them from their Bjorns.
Back at home, Jess realized that 2 4-months olds are much lighter and a little floppier then one and a one-and-a-half year-old.
The evening ended with a little cartoon watching, where Maddie leaned back against Mateo, and Mateo, in a great show of chivalry, resisted his urge to push her out of his personal space.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Madd Max Has Thanksgiving

Which started with Dzedo, and some head scritching.
Followed by some exercise. Jess has a postnatal workout DVD meant to do with your baby. Max was napping, but Aiden was ready to go. Everyone did kegels.
That was ridiculous!
Some final preparations were made for the meal (Tio Greg was working on Thursday, so the Kender Thanksgiving was pushed for a day).
And Max told Aunt Tara story after story, finding her in every room and chatting until he got her attention.
The food.
The feast.
Maddie was still not herself, and spent the day miserable, missing her nap and grumping around. She did take a small timeout to eat one of Mimi's homemade rolls.
Just before bedtime, squeals of delight and laughter, were heard coming from upstairs. Tio Greg had worked his magic again. As they bounced around on the bed upstairs, for the first time all Thanksgiving, Maddie finally felt as thankful as the rest of us.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Madd Max Doesn't Go To The Parade

Thanksgiving morning, Maddie woke up still running a low fever. She spent the morning on the couch with Uncle Wills in her jammies, watching Sesame Street.
Jess has gone to the Thanksgiving Parade every year except the last one, since her family moved from PA to NJ when she was 5. She had been excited to show Maddie the balloons and the bands. Sadly, this is who ended up being able to attend.It turned out that the closest Jess would get to the parade were those downed street lamps the night before, and the coverage on TV. Maddie was not impressed, except for the musical numbers and the Abby Cadabby balloon.
Once Aiden returned, Maddie rallied for a little lego playing with her cuz.
While Max watched with a stunned Uncle Ant from up high.

Madd Max Watches Airplane Go Wrong

Uncle Ant learned what happens when you play with a recently fed Aiden. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Scrapper Meets The Leon

In the AM, Jess headed to Hoboken to go for a grown-ladies-only brunch with Francoise, where she had real Jersey coffee - they didn't even serve decaf at this place.
The effects were impressive.
Sam stayed at home with the kids; Max, still stuffy and Maddie, with a full on fever. To get her to eat her quality Munchie Mix and drink a juice box - c'mon she wasn't eating at all - she was set up in front of Sesame Street on the portable DVD player.
In the PM, Leon arrived to take Sam and Jess to the theatre and meet Max for the first time (last time he came by, Max was napping). Max smiled, Jess got ready, and Sam stayed home... again. There was to be no Broadway for one parent, and Sam took the hit.While walking from dinner, streetlamps were spotted on the back of some trucks after having been removed for the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
The always incredible Times Square after the show, "In the Next Room or the vibrator play." NY, NY, it's a wonderful town!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Madd Max Spends The Day With The Good Doctor

Dr. Kerry, I presume.
After heading out on a walk, Maddie was introduced to Dunkin Donuts. Now, she can taste her mom's roots.
Next stop, Wood Park, one of Jess and Kerry's old haunts.
A fine walk back, and then as soon as Maddie sat down, Sam realized she had a fever, which explained why she had not moved from the top of the slide at the park. Luckily, the good doctor reassured us that it was high, but not to worry too much.
So as not to break with tradition, Kerry, Jess and a snorfling, but not feverish, Max (that's the top of his head, lower right) headed to the supermarket to do some hardcore Thanksgiving shopping.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Madd Max Hangs With The HumVee

This morning Aunt Tara and Aiden came over for the day. Aiden has been topping the growth charts at every pediatrician's visit, and it was that doc who deemed him, "The HumVee of Babies."
Sam got in some quality HumVee lunch time.
And Dzedo stayed at home longer then planned because as he put it, "Three grandchildren and a kitchen that smells delicious, and I have to go into work! Not fair."
After filling up on Mimi's homemade soup, grilled cheese, and raspberry bread, we headed out on a walk after much bundling. 2 blocks in we headed back, as rain began to fall.