Sunday, April 23, 2017

Madd Max Takes A Family Pix

Mimi's request for Dozee's office.

Madd Max Enjoys A Jersey Sunday

Family Sunday breakfast.
Someone found an app on Aunt Jess' phone.
A quick visit from Dr. Kerry.
Lilacs in full bloom in the backyard.
And one new niece/nephew still cooking. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Madd Max Watches A Movie

Outside! Under the pergola!

Madd Max Protests

Marching for Science.
In beautiful Burbank.

Madd Max Continues The Weekend Trip

Ice cream in the same restaurant The Sopranos was filmed in.
Spring in full bloom outside the Bloomfield Kender's house.
A trip to Boss Baby with Aiden.
And Sonia.  A story about a kid who is not happy about getting a new sibling - this seems planned but was not, and had Jess panicking for the first half hour of the movie.
Some family time with Jess and Tio Greg.
And the night wrapped up with some quality time with Francoise aka Tante.

Madd Max Takes A Weekend Trip

Well, just Jess did.  Mimi got the entire family together under the guise of meeting the new baby, who was still cooking a day past it's due date in Aunt Tara.
After a quick nap, Uncle Wills arrived and he, Jess, Mimi and Dozee headed to their old preschool.
Where there was a Pasta Throwdown featuring a sample pasta from 15 local restaurants.
Penne ala Vodka, served with a Jersey accent. Heaven.
Then it was down to Bloomfield to paint a tea set with Sonia.
And observe some Pokemon between Uncle Ant and Aiden.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Scrapper Becomes A Bear

The draw of the iPad at the Pack meeting.
That's a proud boy.  Moving up from Wolf to Bear.
Bear marks?