Sunday, July 23, 2017

Madd Max Heads To Monkey Trunks

 Max just made the reach height, moving him off of the kid course.
 Just a taste of some of the terror Jess felt - there's Sam and Max.  It got better as the fam went along, but would not rank in Jess' world as "fun."
 Taisie and Dozee watch from below (Dozee had to leave shortly after because he found it too stressful).
 Max working the ropes.
 Maddie doing her favorite part - zip-lining.
Maddie and Sam did the final Extreme Course which took them through the woods in the back, and very much pleased Maddie with 3 additional zip lines.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Scrapper Has A Happy 8th Birthday

Chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs gotten from the neighborhood chickens.
 A giant slip-n-slide made by Sam out of a roll of Visqueen.
Good times.
 Madd took a break from all the festivities to talk a walk with Pippin, something that thrilled her to no end.
 Followed by some painting with Taisie.
 While Pippin shifted to watching the adults wade in the lake.
Birthday cake for the fab 8-year-old!!
Happy Birthday, son!  We love you.

Madd Max Heads To The Barnstormers

 But first, a dinner in Dale's barn. 
The Barnstormers is where Sam did summer stock in NH and found his love for the theater. 
Here's the fam during the intermission of "The Ghost Train," a show Sam also did back in the day.
After the show, everyone met up with Jean, Taisie's friend and actor in the show.  Maddie was beyond thrilled to get her autograph.  Sam then took the kids backstage to show them how all of the different sounds that made up the train were created (he had given them the run-down before the show started, but it was even cooler to see it in person).

Friday, July 21, 2017

Madd Max Enjoys A Chocorua Day

Yogurt with Taisie.
Barn swing, a fan favorite.
Raft time.
Minnow time.
Teeny minnows.
Canoeing to the beaver dam.
2 kids, 1 big lake.
Blueberry eating right off the bushes.
End of the day with appetizers on the porch, while waiting for Mimi and Dozee to arrive.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Madd Max Heads To Rhodey

 Where the kids immediately picked up on a game of Risk with Andre and Atti.
 And the adults, Auntie Kerri and Uncle Derek, picked up on their "yip-yap," according to the same kids.
Nothing better then a slip-n-slide on a hot day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Madd Max Hangs At Home

Dozee and some cuddle time with Clara.
Basement DnD with Tio Greg, which they absolutely love.  Maddie's comment at one point, "Woah, this is really intense."

Madd Max Head To The Liberty Science Center

In NJ, the booster seat rules are more relaxed then CA.  The day before, Maddie rode in the front seat without one.  Today, one seat back but still awesome.
The movie, where the kids moved, one-by-one, away from Sam and Jess.
Dino Dig.
Awesome ferro fluid.
The Touch Tunnel.
i.e. The Claustrophobic, Terrifying, I-Only-Made-It-Thru-The-Entire-Thing-Because-Sonia-Begged-Me-To, Tunnel
Obstacle course.
Amazing suspended climber - note, Aiden on the far left.
The Mythbusters exhibit, where Maddie perfected her tablecloth removal skills.
And Sonia and Madd helped Sam drive blind.