Friday, January 25, 2019

Madd Max Continues The Evening

 Birthday cake for Marissa. 
 The FeKays had arrived in time for a rousing game of "You Think You Know Me."
 As had the Widomski/Allans.
And a wee bit later, to wrap it all up - the Starzyk/Croshaws.
What happens when you're 40 and it's 2am.

Madd Max Arrives In Big Bear

Our home for the weekend.
Jess and the kids were the second to arrive.
The Leonhardts had just begun to settle in.
 Soon came the Williams and then the Findleys.
Then came the eating - a critical part of the Big Bear experience as shown by this shared spreadsheet.
Kid dinner - homemade pizza.
Adult dinner - crab bisque and smoked porchetta sandwiches.
 That bisque was good.
Maddie not only typically has, but also very much wants, an 8:30 bedtime.  She began to beg Jess to put the kids to bed right around then.
 The kids actually went to bed at 10.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Madd Max Has Brunch

With two lovely ladies, Kathleen and Auntie Jamie.

Madd Max Has A Sleepover

Which involved both loosing a tooth (Ellie's).
And a lunar eclipse.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Scrapper Sees A Show

The Sound of Music.
Starring both Lilly and Elizabeth,

Madd Max Protests

At the Women's March 2019.
Madd was very proud to carry the sign and to be part of the show of support.
She was also thrilled when she was handed two stickers that said, "Bitches get stuff done."
Side note: her favorite sign - "Girls are intelligent, strong, loud and do whatever they fuck they want."  
Max's favorite - "Fuck you and your fucking wall."  Sense a theme?

Friday, January 18, 2019

Madd Max Has A Friday Playdate

During Jess' time off - all of these kids walked home without parental supervision (to the Kender-Page) for the first time.  This Friday was the first for Imani.
Stop motion videos.