Saturday, November 17, 2018

Madd Max Celebrates Dozee

After the Science Center, the fam headed into Manhattan to get Uncle Ant's tour of the Oculus, a project he helped design.
Back at home, Sonia supervised the kitchen decorating.
Cakes from Aunt Tara under Sonia and Aiden's guidance.
And the man of the weekend - Dozee!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Madd Max Heads To The Liberty Science Center

Science is fascinating.
Mimi had arranged a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt.
The fam broke into teams - Mimi, Dozee, Uncle Wills and Aunt Ally: The Overeducated.
Jess, Aiden, Tio Greg and Tia Jess: The Ken-duhrs.
Adley (Sonia's friend), Aunt Tara, Sonia, Uncle Ant and Clara: The Girls*.
Best team photo.
Everyone took pictures around the Skyscraper exhibit. 
Versions of Fay Wray.
And King Kong.
Yeah, that's right.  You're totally looking at the winners.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Madd Max Gets Around

Lunch with Fran├žoise, who gave Maddie the big thumbs up for her hard work in 5th grade.
Rockin' Jump with Aiden and Sonia.
Up to Leonia where Uncle Wills and Aunt Ally had arrived.
Community video game playing.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Madd Max Has A Snow Day

And a special date with Aiden, that he refused to call a date, explaining it was just a special day.
After a trip to the bookstore, hot cocoa and reading facts from Weird But True!.
Back in Bloomfield, the snow made Jess cancel her plans in the city.  The new plans, courtesy of Aunt Tara, became wine and hot cocoa by the fire with a little drawing.
Followed by some niece cuddling.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Madd Max Heads To Jersey

Where she saw Heather, another Jersey girl.
And had a special date with Sonia at the Montclair Art Museum, where they did arts and crafts in the family room.  Mirrors were set up for self-portraits.
The final result - Sonia and Aunt Jess standing together under a rainbow.
Back at in Bloomfield, a little Clara and Aunt Tara floor time.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Slappy Has Another Fan Club

 The Leonhardts and the Findleys came out to show some support.
Cecile dances.
And does a cartwheel across stage.

The Scrapper Does Community Service

Picking up bags of food from the neighborhood for the Burbank Temporary Aid Center.
Followed by a round of disc golf with his Den.