Sunday, June 27, 2010

Madd Max Is Tiring

After a leisurely brunch, Sam and Jess arrived home to some excited kiddos. Now off duty, Toby
and Taisie regained their strength in the backyard.
And shared one more family meal.

Madd Max And The Morning After

The morning after the festivities hurt a little more. Brunch helped.
Suzanne and Greg.
Holly, Hunvey and Jamie.
Brian, Arthur and Alison.
Aarin, Drew and Jess.
The newlyweds, Erin and John, however, seemed untouched, even though it was heard that they partied until 3:45 in the am.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, the kiddos got cozy with their Taisie and morning milk.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Madd Max Stays At Home

But first a visit to Senor Fish.
Then Sam and Jess headed over to Westlake Village for almost 24 hours of uninterrupted adult time at the Hearne-Williams wedding, while the kiddos stayed at home with their grandparents. It began with some hot tub time with Brian and Alison.
The true festivities began with a trip into the Malibu mountains on a wedding people mover.
Jamie, Jess, Liza and Jess were out in full force.
Alex, one of the groomsman, took 3D pix all night long (if you enlarge this pix you will see 2 digital cameras, side by side).
Suzanne and Aarin - cocktail hour.
Their men - Greg and Drew.
Arthur and Eric, who were reported to look slightly gangster except for their fruity drinks.
Marissa, one of the bridesmaids, with Elizabeth.
Lovely Lilly, the flower girl.
Kathleen and Liza with parasols, making them look so frickin' cute.
The newly married wife and husband, Erin and John.
Some newly married love.
Sam and his phatty-phat lens.
And the pix it took.
And the first dance. What a phenomenal night.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Madd Max Preps For Alone Time

Toby and Taisie came over early before Jess headed to work to get in some quality time with the kiddos, who they would be watching, overnight on Saturday.
Jess headed off in her waders.
In the evening, Maddie and Max both benefited from a grandparent's spoiling. Maddie getting a late night, homemade cookie, and sharing it with Max.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Slappy Has Recognition

For the first time, Maddie recognized her Grandparents upon arrival. As soon as they stepped in the door, she began to run in circles around the house, laughing and jumping.
It tickled Taisie and Toby as much as it did Sam and Jess.

The Scrapper Moves On Two Legs

With the help of a push cart.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Madd Max Has A New Posse Member

Atticus Alva Michael, the new brother of Smooth Andre, was born happy and healthy, early in the morning to parents Kerri and Derek. We can't wait to meet you!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Slappy Unpacks

After every grocery store trip, Maddie insists on helping unpack. It is both endearing and very time consuming.
The reward, a California roll. (She ate the rice off the outside - the imitation crab came right back out).

Madd Max Has A Happy Father's Day - Twice Over

It began with Dad being left at home to enjoy his very quiet, calm house, while Mom and Madd Max met Marissa (how's that alliteration?), Lilly and Elizabeth for brunch.
Followed by dancing.
Then the two, very lucky kiddos spent a little swing time with their amazingly, awesome Dad.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Madd Max Has A New Routine

If one can't see their BFFs during the week, one makes it happen on the weekends.
"Bells make music in my mouth."
The more mature Elizabeth blew Jess' mind when instead of shoving the chalk into her mouth, she used it as it was intended.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Slappy Defeats Gravity

Maddie loves a good tower of blocks.

The Scrapper Learns About Gravity

Max loves a good tower of blocks.

The Scrapper Is A Gentleman

The afternoon began with a little ball tossing at ELF's.
While Maddie and ELF drew with chalk on the available palettes.
It ended with Max pushing Elizabeth around the back patio, both of them thrilled at the fact that they could accomplish this.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Madd Max Watches Game 5 - 2010

While eating grilled artichokes and baked ziti with John, Feldie, Hunvey and Alex.
And of course ELF, who brought her mom. All 3 kids played in their bedroom by themselves, letting the adults enjoy some game time. Amazing.

Madd Max Pets A Goat

At the zoo, where Max smiled and bounced at every animal he noticed.
Maddie brushed a goat, which Max got to pat-pat with Jess' help (the bouncing became even more vigorous).

Slappy Has A Fashion Sense

Another outfit by herself. Jess provided the dress. Maddie chose the sock monkey hat, monkey bib, plastic bib, and previous to this picture, rain boots.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Madd Max Appreciates Good Art

And makes Dad draw it over and over again. It being Foofa, Muno and Plex.