Monday, December 31, 2012

Madd Max Have A Classy New Years

 By proxy.  Sam and Jess headed to an evening at Kathleen and Eric's.
 The event was based around a new dish and drink pairing every hour.
 The pear and blue cheese appetizers with Remy Martin V, followed by carrot soup.
 The quiche and champagne course.  Look how classy we are.  A pancit and Don Julio '42 course was followed by a grilled shrimp and asparagus with margarita course.  Then a grilled veggie course and a lentil and sausage course with Bridlewood red.  The evening ended with a creme brulee and adult root beer,
 Which led to the didgeridoo.
 The Holly series.  Jamie and Holly.
 Kieth and Holly.
 Jess and Holly.
 The ladies.
The men.
Happy 2013!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Madd Max Do One Last Opening

 Really.  With the return of the Findleys.
The second half of the pan.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Madd Max Celebrate Everett

 The youngest Stucker boy, whose Mom does stuff like this.
 And even the grapes have eyes.
Everett at bat.

Madd Max Open Some Last Gifts

 A puzzle - that's of hockey - OMG!
 And a body that you can take apart.  Awesome.

Madd Max Go To The Theater

A Snow White Christmas.
Max's first time in a large theater.  When the disco ball was hit with a spotlight in the dark and the theater filled with twinkly light, he yelled out, "Wow!"  Jess remembered her wow moment at the theater at Brigadoon, when the scrim beld through revealing the town.
 Madd - an old theater pro. 
After the show they had snow makers where the kids stayed until they ran out.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Slappy Hangs In Palo Alto

After a trip to the audiologist, Jess and Maddie headed to Jake and Karen's for some lunch.
And playing with David and Nathaniel's toys.
Then it was over to Lea and Carl's for some playing with the doggie.
And conversation with Jess, David and Adam.
Along with some decorating with Greta.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Madd Max Head To Christmas Dinner

Jess in her Xmas gift from Francoise.
The Chadwick's hosted.
The ladies cooked.
The kids hid under the dining room table.
The adults ate.
The men also cooked.
And carved.

Madd Max Celebrate Christmas Morning

Look guys, Santa came!!
Please note, Max immediately found his ingeniously wrapped hockey stick and wanted it above all else.
Cinnamon rolls, tea and comics.
And gifts.
The hockey stick - it had a boo-boo and needed band-aids (a stocking stuffer).
How Maddie's friendship bracelet maker was actually used.
Max's 2nd fav gift - chapstick.
And the ride to our Thai Christmas lunch.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Madd Max Meet The New House

 During the final walk-thru, the kids got to see our new house for the first time.  As we drove up, Maddie asked, "Daddy, is that our new house?  Oh, it's so beautiful."  
Hiding in the closets was a huge hit.
Followed by running thru the empty house.

Madd Max Leave A Note For Santa

 And some milk and cookies.
 The notes:  Max's last request was a surprise to his folks. 
Maddie told her folks she wished Santa would write her a note.  He obliged.

Madd Max Have A Happy Christmas Eve

 Brunch with the Storms.
 Dinner at the Leonhardts - with fondue!
 Maddie gets a chance to put her paws on Henry.
 Gingerbread house making.
 Sam handled the basic construction.
 Under Chadwick supervision.
Steve in his traditional role.  That was a yummy dinner.